New Book Now Available, Tales Of The Trails

My new book is now available. Right now as I write this, I have some author copies which are autographed 1st. editions that can be sent out immediately. There is only a limited number of these in my hands. They are selling quickly (1st book, who knew?) so contact me @ It will be available on Kindle, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, The Nook plus some others but it will take them awhile to get it listed.

This is not War And Peace or some serious novel. It is a book of stories, true stories that are entertaining, some really funny. I like to be a storyteller of true stories! Why? Because they are way funnier than made up stories.

When you have taken as many people out on guided trail rides as I have, there will be lots of funny stories. Unfortunately many showing just how I got a great deal of experience with really humous situations. I wish I could say they are only about other people but many are about myself. Folks are always talking about a learning curve, of gaining character. Well I will tell you what my wife, Kori, and I say frequently, we really don’t need anymore character, yet it comes to us like a horse races to grain. Fortunately we do have a sense of humor about it.

So order your author copies while I have them in my hands.

Happy Trails

Cowboy Bob

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