EXCITING NEWS for horse lovers!

I have started a new YouTube channel ! if you go to YouTube and type in Heartline Ranch it will take you there. We currently have 2 episodes on, with 2 more going up this evening.

This show will be about horses, introducing you to our horses, funny horses, talking about how to or not to do different things. It will have other trainers on from time to time sharing their takes on different issues with horses and in the horse world.

There will be western leather workers, western artists, a great farrier, plus who knows what else. If it is western and/or concerning horses it will probably be there eventually.

We are not fully polished video people yet so there will be some funny stuff there. lots of that I am sure.

Best of all, it is free, not a single penny needed. Now you can not beat that price, plus funny entertainment along with tips about horses, how to shoe them, trim them will also begin to be on.

All you have to do is sunscribe! Hopefully we will have a couple more posted by tomorrow evening. We will be finishing up with some to get us started quickly. By Dec we will have a new show on every Thursday morning.

Please do noy forget to subscribe, to Heartline Ranch on You Tube. It is free! Who says there is no such thing as a free lunch.

Happy Trails To All

Cowboy Bob


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