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EXCITING NEWS for horse lovers!

I have started a new YouTube channel ! if you go to YouTube and type in Heartline Ranch it will take you there. We currently have 2 episodes on, with 2 more going up this evening.

This show will be about horses, introducing you to our horses, funny horses, talking about how to or not to do different things. It will have other trainers on from time to time sharing their takes on different issues with horses and in the horse world.

There will be western leather workers, western artists, a great farrier, plus who knows what else. If it is western and/or concerning horses it will probably be there eventually.

We are not fully polished video people yet so there will be some funny stuff there. lots of that I am sure.

Best of all, it is free, not a single penny needed. Now you can not beat that price, plus funny entertainment along with tips about horses, how to shoe them, trim them will also begin to be on.

All you have to do is sunscribe! Hopefully we will have a couple more posted by tomorrow evening. We will be finishing up with some to get us started quickly. By Dec we will have a new show on every Thursday morning.

Please do noy forget to subscribe, to Heartline Ranch on You Tube. It is free! Who says there is no such thing as a free lunch.

Happy Trails To All

Cowboy Bob


Let’s Talk About Treats For Our Horses

I thought it would be good to share with folks some things I discovered this summer with my horses. For those of you who are unaware I have a ranch, Heartline Ranch, where I take folks on guided horse rides throughout our beautiful scenery.

We are very lucky to have truly great views, soft loamy trails that are a joy to ride. The concept that it is ours is still overwhelming to me.

This year we started out just as other years with this great reward system for our horses. I can save you an awfully lot of grief by stating : do not do this. So what did we do that was so awful.I have always like the idea of as soon as I finish riding my horse I would give him or her some grain as a reward for being such a good horse. Now this worked great, plus I liked the reward system a lot, it made me feel good giving my horses such a nice treat.

But guess what happened? They became incredibly barn sour this year. This is totally brand new behavior for them this year. Now understand I have done this for several years with zero problems. However the little darlings, each and every one of them started acting like spoiled brats, not obeying comands as usual. My horses are very well trained as I put new people on their back all of the time, so they must be very easy going, mind well and just in general being really good horses.

However this year they decided that instead of being their normal selves they would act up costantly on the trail, especially my horse, Scout. She became a pill, only wanting to go way too fast, refusing to slow down without a constant struggle.So after all of these years why did they start to act this way, I have no idea.

So I made a simple change, no more grain after a ride, period, not for any of them. At least not after a ride! Instead they get some grain only in the morning with their hay. Nobody gets to even smell a grain bucket any other time.

So what happens? After about 2 or 3 rides under the new rules, they are once again the sweet horses I had known for the past years. My girl, Scout who is absolutely the lead mare is back to being her well trained self. I am happy to say all of them are the great horses we have prided ourselves in. Everybody rides as they should with no problems at all. Now I still like the reward system so everyone gets to graze some in the pasture after a ride. They are very happy with the new way of doing things and rides are so much more fun.

New Book Now Available, Tales Of The Trails

My new book is now available. Right now as I write this, I have some author copies which are autographed 1st. editions that can be sent out immediately. There is only a limited number of these in my hands. They are selling quickly (1st book, who knew?) so contact me @ It will be available on Kindle, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, The Nook plus some others but it will take them awhile to get it listed.

This is not War And Peace or some serious novel. It is a book of stories, true stories that are entertaining, some really funny. I like to be a storyteller of true stories! Why? Because they are way funnier than made up stories.

When you have taken as many people out on guided trail rides as I have, there will be lots of funny stories. Unfortunately many showing just how I got a great deal of experience with really humous situations. I wish I could say they are only about other people but many are about myself. Folks are always talking about a learning curve, of gaining character. Well I will tell you what my wife, Kori, and I say frequently, we really don’t need anymore character, yet it comes to us like a horse races to grain. Fortunately we do have a sense of humor about it.

So order your author copies while I have them in my hands.

Happy Trails

Cowboy Bob