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new place to ride horses!!

I am really happy to announce that our ranch is open for business since yesterday. For those of you unsure what we do, we take people on guided horse rides on our ranch just about 26 miles down the road from Crater Lake National Park. We are so lucky to have such a wonderful place to ride! It is truly amazing the great trails on our property that come with spectacular views. Heck every once in awhile we even get to see an elk, a few deer, bald eagles, red tailed hawks plus many more great things. We have a truly great scenic place to ride complete with views of Agency Lake , Pelican Butte Mtn.

I am at a loss how to explain such magnifent beauty to people, mere words are not able to

                    express this beauty so here are a couple of pictures to look at. Look I realize that lots of people claim they have a great propery , which many do have but remember I am just down the road from Crater Lake one of the prettiest National Parks in our great nation. So this place is truly special, with amazing beauty! We have put in an outdoor arena plus several other training areas.

This summer we will be having clinics with some great trainers on the weekends, pretty much one each month. The 4th of July we will be having a celebration of horse fun and best of all a dutch oven dinner served by our good friend, fine horseman and great dutch oven cook, Jim Collins. You will not want to miss this, the food will be fantastic.

We have had many people ask us if we would put in a horse campground so we are in the process of putting one on 5 acres in the front of the property. It will be a work in progress for quite some time as it is way harder to do than to talk about. We will have a well run by solar power which I find so cool! There will be a picnic table at each site, along with 2 stalls for horses. At this time there is no shower but we are looking into getting a solar one hopefully in the near future. We are only putting in 15 spaces on 5 acres so there will be plenty of room to camp without feeling closed in by your neighbors. i know that isn’t important to everyone but I always hated camping out feeling all crowded. As a bonus a person will be able to ride their horse on our trails to the National Forest where you can ride to Canada if your would like to. We would even watch out for your stuff if you wanted us to, it will take you about a month.

I want everyone to know this is a lifetime dream of ours and we are going to make it into a great place for cowboy fun. There is one thing that I must warn you about though , this ranch is one of laughter, fun times along with a ton of fun with horses. In fact, anyone with any great ideas about fun events, let us know, it could happen.

My wife Kori and I work on this place 7 days a week as we really do love it. Every once in awhile we will ask each other what would it have been like to buy a small cabin on a lake, a small boat and just fished every day. We just look at each other and laugh. We would be miserable!

So any of you horse lovers, come on out, go riding with us, have a great time with us and our wonderfully sweet horses. They are the prize of our lives.

Happy Trails,

Cowboy Bob