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Here comes the heat

Howdy folks!

Today is supposed to be a pretty hot day here and it is supposed to be much hotter for about 2 weeks. Now I understand that you good folks from Texas, Arizona or the Southeast especially are not thinking that we have much of a problem since it is much hotter almost everyday during the summer where you are at. But all I can whine is that you have chosen to live there not me. Myself I dislike 85 , 90 is awful and anything over that is downright inhuman. So you can imagine my joy at seeing how it is supposed to only be 91 a couple of days with days of 98 and above coming. Yuk is the nicest thing I can say about it. as it changes my schedule a great deal

As anyone with horses knows really hot weather is not a horse’s best friend either. So how do I compensate for it? First thing I do is to change my schedule to getting up a earlier so I can get as much as possible done before it gets so hot. Here it doesn’t get to cooking you stage temperatures until around 12 – 1:00 p.m. So if I am going to continue to spend quality time with my best buds (my horses), then I must get up even earlier.

Heat is a factor for your horses also so it is important to remember to keep those water troughs full as they really need the water. Maybe it is just me but if I am miserable with the heat I assume a large animal with a fur coat is too. Now when we lived in Colorado the worst of the heat would start fading as soon as the sun begins to drop in the sky. There is already a difference by 2:00-3:00 pm which I was used to and loved, meaning it was a shorter period of time to contend with the heat. Well here it is different, it will seem like maybe the weatherman was wrong as it isn’t all that hot by noon. But see that is just too confuse you, it will get on getting hotter until almost dark. Now that is downright mean spirited. Evening riding has to be pretty late evening, which while is beautiful looking out over Agency Lake it has to be a short ride.

I really like to try not to make my horses work all that hard when it’s really hot as that seems like cruel punishment. So I play with them in the round pen some early and try to get into riding really early but that requires an attitude change on my part as I really am not a great fan of really early riding. How about you folks? I would love to hear what other do or think.

Happy Trails

Cowboy Bob



Howdy Cowboy Bob here!

I must say how surprised I was to find so many kind messages of encouragement on my blog this morning. Unfortunately lately being swamped with the decline of my fathers health I have not been writing very much. But I am going to make sure that it doesn’t get neglected anymore.

Our horses are doing great, they are really doing their best to eat as often as possible to help keep us from getting ahead financially. But they are great, all fat and sassy! But the best part is how happy they are and how well they behave anytime anyone comes over to visit. It is always prideful to be able to pull one out of the area they hang out in to show someone how great they are. We are really just proud parents of our babies! They have really blessed us by being in our lives!

A friend of mine came over to pick up his new custom cowboy hat that we had just made for him and he wanted to check out Cisco who we always are bragging about. Well it is always so great to see a good horse person take the lead rope to see how he behaves with them to see how absolutely great he responds to virtually everything he asks of them almost perfectly.

There is a new wrinkle we are doing here on the ranch, really mostly my wife and daughter are making custom made cowboy hats along with custom beaded hat bands. I can’t get out of helping some, especially when it comes to making the forms and some of the tools used in making them. Now I know you are thinking he is pretty prejudiced which of course I am it is my family I am talking about. But our goal is to produce a hat made as well as any by anyone. They are mostly 100% beaver felt so while they cost more up front they are actually way cheaper as they will last for many years. And not just last but look fantastic for years! Try buying a store bought factory made cowboy hat while in a rainstorm and see what happens to that hat, it is usually ruined. But these custom beaver hats, mine has been his thunderstorms, snows, and heavy rains, where other hats people had on did not hold up well at all, a 100% beaver pelt hat will do great. It is truly amazing. Anyone interested in a hat, just contact me and the ladies will handle it for you .

HeatherCustomHatmaker  JohnCoxCustomHat

I maintain that if your horse only does that well with you then maybe you should try to change that. Because of my years of taking people on trail rides it has always been important to me for my horses to be well trained and mannered for whoever rides them or is around them. Consequently they are pretty great with most people. But of course every once in awhile just like people, there is someone they just don’t care for all that much. Now those folks they will still obey but those folks do have a bit more of an attitude towards of being very careful with that I am going to keep my eye on you as I am not too sure about you yet. Now where the relation goes is up to that person as a horse wants to trust you, be with you and enjoy your company but sometimes they seem to sense with some people , not so much. Throughout my years I have come to the conclusion that their intuition is usually pretty danged good.

So remember when you come up to a new horse they are not dumb beasts but smart very attuned animals that are observing you to determine what type of person you are. After all none of us would like to make a bad first impression.

Today is a beautiful day here in Chiloquin so I guess it is time to go play with my horses, I hope every body has a great day!

Happy Trails

Cowboy Bob