Monthly Archives: January 2016

Starting the new year

Howdy folks!

I must say I am sorry not to have been on here lately but I was really involved with some horse shows which took up much of my time. I really rode less than normal than ever before and that will not be happening again. I really missed riding every single day.

Recently a group of people kindly invited me to participate in a 120 day challenge where you ride your horse for I believe is 40 hrs in 120 days so I gladly got on board. Yeah it is winter time but I have ridden lots of times in the winter before so no problem. Well, guess what, it started snowing, no big deal it usually melts fairly soon here. But now guess what it has only snowed more and more getting deeper and deeper. At the present we have so much snow that it is really dangerous to ride here as we have way too many squirrel holes that are easily avoided normally not fun when they are buried under knee deep snow. So now the worst possible envy is happening each day. I receive pictures of people out riding their horses having a ball, talk about torture! Oh my gosh, normally I am not as anxious to get out there but this is really getting my goat for now. I survive this by reminding myself how very helpful this is to our terrible drought situation, how great the pastures are going to be this spring and how wonderful it is going to be for all the ranchers . But the honest truth is I only want to be able to get started riding every single day again.

I am probably not going to give many lessons this summer, maybe not take a lot of people out on paying rides this year, maybe, just maybe just ride myself each day, long wonderful rides with my great horse friend Scout. We have ridden literally thousands of hours and miles together, this year should be a renewal of our everyday adventures.

Scout of course does not know it but I am going to make a change this year, using a bitless bridle so it will be more comfortable for her when we ride. The people over at B&H halters make a natural hackamore that I am going to be using this year. I have flirted with the idea for several years and am no longer just talk about it. This concept of communicated with your horse about where you want to go and what you want her to do without a metal bar in her mouth clunking on her teeth just seems like to right answer to me. So Scout and I are going to be working on out communication together in a different form than either of us is used to. This should be a great experience for both of us. As I am going through this process I will post pictures and film clips for others to see the results of this transformation so that others can see the results. It should be a lot of fun for sure all involved.

Gotta feed some horses now.

Happy Trails!

Cowboy Bob