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spring fever

Well I have got to admit I have a very bad case of spring fever these days chaffing at the idea of getting started with the riding season but ole man winter just won’t quite let go just yet. They are predicting 2-4 inches of snow today which is desperately needed for the water table but not helpful for working on trails. i know whine away see how much it helps. I love living in the mountains but it surely makes for very unpredictable weather, especially in the spring.

But yesterday I got out exploring some of the back acreage on a hike with by best hiking buddy, Nicky my border collie/aussie mix. I go about 5-6 miles he goes at least 2 or 3 times that far, comes back and immediately jumps up our bed for a nap.

The horses seem to be really enjoying the coolness as they are all full of mischief and fun with each other these days. It is interesting to watch how restless they get before a storm comes in. I swear you can tell a day or so before by how they start acting. They get really antsy, going from one pile of hay to another looking for that perfect bite, very feisty with each other as if to say this is all mine. Even though we have been with these people for several years you can’t trust anybody or anything when a storm is brewing, not even a small one. It is great fun to watch everyone interact according to the different weather patterns, you can learn a lot by just watching how your horses are acting.

Another thing I find interesting is how well they can hear. When Kori or I are coming back to the ranch from somewhere I am always amazed at how far away they can hear the truck and I assure you that they never get that wrong. The start yakking as soon as they hear us, much sooner than our dogs.

These amazing creatures who we call horses amaze me more every day I spend with them. I hear about how some people lose interest in their horses and I can not fathom that at all. They are as much of a part of my life as breathing is. Sometimes I just sit there and look at them marveling at how amazing they are to us. Of course our horses are pretty spoiled, they always behave themselves but they know they are loved , which is how it should be. Nothing is more relaxing than spending time brushing them and they absolutely love the attention. It is a very special time for us together. But the bottom line is they are horses, they especially love us when we bring them food!

I am sure that many people do not understand the bond many of us have with our horses but it is something very difficult to explain for me but it is very real. Of course like most other horse folks we have cats and dogs also so everyday is filled with unconditional love from all sorts of critters. We are so blessed!

Well lit is time for me to go out and brush these guys today before Nicky and myself go off exploring again.

Everyone have a very blessed day!

Happy Trails

Cowboy Bob

getting ready for riding season

Howdy folks!

This being early spring in the mountains my days are hard to plan. Instead of installing new private feeding stalls for the horses today or riding them I am inside as we are having a little snow today. It is really odd for it to be snowing as we have not had very much at all this year, maybe 6″ total for the year. So even though I am really anxious to get those in, install another gate into the back I am inside doing other work instead. WE need any moisture we can get as this year we have had just about zero snow which will cause a lot of very bad problems this summer. Unlike back east we are in a really terrible drought which is now going to be a lot worse this summer unless we get an awfully lot of rain during the summer which would also be really unusual. So that is why I am not complaining about being inside although I am really wanting to get with it. I have trails to go down making sure they are suitable for guests to ride, a new area I want to clear of brush which will make the start of the rides more pleasant.

Last year we were so busy turning it from a sheep ranch to a place suitable for horses we really didn’t take many rides at all. But this year promises to be much different as we are already getting calls from folks wanting to go on rides. It is really a very beautiful place to ride as we can look down to see Agency Lake with the snow capped mountains in the background. It is truly beautiful!!The trails are about the best I have ever ridden, soft pine needles with very few rocks, winding through tall pine trees all around you.Believe me when I say this is wonderful riding and certainly no chore . It is truly beautiful!

Our horses are enjoying the extra days of just playing in the fields but those days are limited. This is only a temporary break in the weather and great riding daily will be happening shortly.

Work on the Wild Mustang Competition is still keeping both Kori and myself very busy. It is starting to look like it will be a very well attended event as we now have TV , radio, magazine, newspaper articles and interviews about to begin. It is going to be hard not to hear about the show in this part of Oregon.

There will be some amazing trainers coming to compete and most important of all to educate folks on the different methods to take a very wild mustang and see how one begins the process of gentling them. Although I have been training horses for many years I am very excited myself to see all of these great trainers show their particular methods on how to start these wild horses. With 6-8 trainers there should be quite a bit of different styles to watch.

Well folks, it is time for me to get back to work.

Happy Trails

Cowboy Bob