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Progress is being made on the show!!

Even though yesterday was a beautiful day outside, instead of riding I spent the day arranging for lots of publicity for our show Wild Mustang Competition coming up the last weekend in June. So we spent quite some time with Discover Klamath, an organization whose sole purpose is to help promote events in the Klamath County who will be helping draw folks to visitors. Well by golly they thought we fit the bill for their group and I can not tell you how happy that I am to have their help and support.

So now we have a plan for helping to spread the word so we can get people in to see these great trainers show people how to begin the process of gentling these mustangs and to help some mustangs get adopted into good homes. These are great horses and getting more people into using them for their horses will really help with the terrible problem going on.

It was also very gratifying to see how many people want to help with the show to get these guys into good forever homes.

I will again as I do over and over, we want to be part of a solution, not part of a problem. Therefore you will not hear me offering political opinions on this subject now or later, I just want to urge everyone to join in with us and help us get more horses adopted.

WE are in the process of becoming a non profit so we can be of even more help in the future. For the rest of our lives, both Kori and myself are going to be spending our time helping as many mustangs as possible.

Happy Trails

Cowboy Bob

Yeah some rain!!

From what I have read about the weather back east our days have been record setting warmth for us 60’s most days so it has been great for riding here being able to ride for hours on the trails in the National Forest. While that is fantastic it is worrisome for our upcoming summer as without lots of moisture it is going to be really dry, dangerously dry.

So last night and today we have gotten lucky with some rain. Yeah! This is really welcomed but now you should see Cisco, our fjord, who is normally a silver grey color who at the present in a jet black horse. But he has so much fun rolling in the mud! Yuk what a lot of work it will be getting our boy clean. All of the horses roll around some getting dirty it’s just that he takes it to a whole different level.

Wow you can see the grass turn a shade greener each few hours or so it seems. Hopefully tomorrow will bring about a few more showers! Yeah then time to hit the trails again,yahoo! A little bit of a dreary day here but it is allowing time to get caught up on paperwork.

Happy Trails

Cowboy Bob

Back in the saddle

Howdy folks!

I have been away from the blog for quite some time, starting to put the Wild Mustang Competition together. Well even though it isn’t over and there is still lots of work to do I realized that I missed the blog. So here I am back now with an assurance that I will be more active as there is always some type of horsey stuff to talk about.

I don’t know how the weather is for all of you but here in Oregon spring has sprung or at least that is how it looks. Very strange as we just didn’t have much of a winter here at all. Yesterday broke a record for warmth being in the high 60″s. It is running the risk of causing us terrible drought conditions in the near future, especially during the summer as we have no snow pack, the second lowest amount in recorded history around here. We really do need snow! But having said that I would be lying if I didn’t tell ¬†you how wonderful it is to be able to ride and work with the horses in spring type conditions already while hoping it will end soon. I was in the small store in town where every body was talking about the great weather, when I mentioned how we really should be hoping for a couple of good snow falls this month only to be reminded that a person could get in big trouble hoping for that right now. It is truly wonderful.

Yesterday Scout and I went for a nice long ride which was very entertaining to me. It seemed as though I had fallen into the old habit of mostly going to same way on the trails, where it is just like being on cruise control with it being just a steady lope through the forest on these great trails. So we changed everything around going into some areas we had never gone before which in the mountains can get you into terrain you really wish maybe you hadn’t gone there. We ended up going up some really steep areas thinking there was a level area up top that would be really cool to ride on. There was such as area but it really was not a very nice place to ride with small game trails only with very heavy bush. But it did prove to be very challenging which was a very good thing to me as I really like that once in awhile. Scout is usually pretty happy to do it but yesterday just wasn’t her day to explore a lot of new territory or so she thought. She was a little balky a couple of times but is always willing to do as asked, even if a little refusing to happens at first.

I have a point to all of this rambling that is helpful to remember. We really went quite a way off the usual trail but then came back down to it quite a ways away and going the opposite way on the trail when we came upon one of my pet peeves in a National Forest, an old car left there years ago. Now we usually see this mess on our right as we ride by but today we see it on our left as we go by and Scout was really spooked, big time! Horses have two totally different sides to them which is why it is important to train them on many things on both sides. You know that left side has seen so much but now that right side has never seen such a thing. So she was really freaking out about this mess on the wrong side that she had never seen, there are mud puddles there also on the wrong side to walk through. In her mind this is awful! She is trying to register all these changes in her mind when out of nowhere this turkey vulture fly’s over us squawking away. Now that was just about the very last straw for her nerves, she was really freaked out, as scared as I have ever seen her. With lots of soft talking she settled right on down but it was a really good mental note to me to not settle into such a routine as there is no limit to places to go explore helping my horse to not get into such a zone that any little thing is a problem.

So remember to change things up, keep it fresh so both of you pay better attention instead of following into this zone of just moving along same old, same old. It not only will keep your interests stimulated but it is really good for your horse.